The Empty Womb…(3/30)

i remain empty

waiting to be filled

to knock the chill off of being so alone

i am older than my years suggest…


i detest

the civil unrest within myself

i wait for male companionship

hoping he will leave behind

something I can build upon

but there is nothing…


here comes the tears again

they are falling rapidly

as i cry

for 4-5 days straight

those tears are never late


they’re rapid and red

another month gone

and dreams of holding a child

lies dead…



3 thoughts on “The Empty Womb…(3/30)

  1. I am not sure of your order or priority, It may be best to have a significant other first. Comfort and happiness must be found in self first and it will then be a beacon that attracts others, or so I think. However the emotion in your poem was palpable. I would like to invite you to and stay a while, leave a comment, I think there we may find some common ground.
    Marcus T.

  2. Whenever I at first commented I clicked the Notify me when new comments are added checkbox and currently each and every time a comment is added I get 4 email messages with the same comment.

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