daughter of elegua

you have tricked yourself

do your ébbo

and purge the sin

that has imbedded itself in your skin…

leave elgua his sweets

cleanse your head to your feet

and meet oshun by her river

give her cinnamon oranges adorned in honey

and adorn yourself

in the sweetness

of her wet breath

see yourself reflected

when she is still

for she is angry

because you have remembered to love

all but yourself

sprawling your gifts

lift the ancestral curse



today the orisha lay in wait for your head

without knowledge we are the walking dead


elegua return me to the old way

open the road that i might pass

open the door to what i might ask

mighty elegua

standing where roads meet

guard the door


unlock my spirituality

the way must come through thee

awaken me from my slumber…





river goddess


as sure as you live

in the sweet waters of river

giver of love

of light

tonight i pray to be my greatest love

to uphold me as you have

keeper of broken women

carrier of my prayers…

protector of  violated women

harvester of eggs

elegua gave passage

open the door to my self

my words

my womb

my groom

forgive oshun

the self-infliction

the contradiction

of wanting a love strong enough to cover

what was once

self loathing

for we are made in the orishian image

and you oshun are beauty

so bless my sight that i might SEE


be with me




One thought on “Ashe…(2/30)

  1. Thank you for this poem. I am in search of a spiritual reconnection with my African roots. I wanted to know the path on the route to my African Ancestry…

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