1/30…Trimesters of Rape…


what the womb will incubate

is more so than a child growing

the secrets the womb will keep

the tightened lips that do not speak

the silent tongue beneath our waist

south of our face, once a place of chastity


it holds all that doesn’t flow from the Nile of our blood filled monthly

there rest a family secret

spreading like a plague

between the legs of daughters

something unnatural


it festers & grows in the unwilling quiet

in the mold and mildew

of the shadows of incest

it is the conquest of lips that do not speak

lips that keep the secret of violation

it incubates

in the body

in the blood, boiling at 98.7 degrees fahrenheit

a disease that brings the carrier to her knees

she spends her life trying to please

or unfreeze what is now frigid


it demolishes the soul

as it takes a hold

as maggots eat away at today’s


day after day

leaving behind

spoiled portions of a life

she becomes

someone’s broken wife

someone’s  jaded future


daughters impregnated with this sin


as it gives birth to itself

it outgrows a womb

playing out an ancestral genocide

inside a womb that should have been barren to this type of child…


Renée Michele Breeden © March 30, 2010


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