16 Greeting Card Markets:

As poets, there are a lot of ways to make money.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why more of us aren’t trying to submit what we write to greeting card companies!  Now, I posted this before, but hopefully, you will see this now that it’s been laid out… 

Try it out!  You just may be in a Hallmark near you!


  1. American Greetings: Doesn’t accept unsolicited material. Request guidelines and query your ideas first. Currently, they’re only looking for funny stuff, and trust me, it has to be good.
  2. Blue Mountain Arts: Pays $300 for greeting card slogans. Follow link for guidelines.
  3. Designer Greetings: Follow link to guidelines.
  4. Ephemera, Inc. – Pays $50/slogan. Looking for irreverent, provocative material. Follow link for guidelines.
  5. Gallant Greeting Corp.- Pays $45/slogan. Contact for guidelines.
  6. Kalan: Pays $60 – $150. Contact for guidelines.
  7. Marian Health Greeting Cards: Contact for guidelines. Looking for positivity – no snark.
  8. Moonlighting Cards – Pays $25/slogan – Looking for “love” cards for all occassions. Stress that you must read their guidelines before querying.
  9. Novo Card Publishers: Read online guidelines.
  10. Oatmeal Studios: Looking for funny stuff.  See online guidelines for submission information.
  11. Paper Magic Group: Manufacturer of boxed Christmas cards. Contact for guidelines.
  12. Papyrus Design: Looking for unique slogans. Contact for guidelines.
  13. Recycled Paper Greetings: Contact for guidelines.
  14. Rockshots: Pays $50/gag. Looking for gag lines of an adult nature.
  15. Snafu Designs – Pays $100/slogan or idea. Contact for guidelines.

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