Finding Love Where You’ve Lost It…

       I am back from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and it is COLD!!! The year is off to a kicking start and I am so looking to see you guys at various shows. The show that is VERY near and dear to my heart is FIRST VOICES. FIRST VOICES is the brain child of HUE-MAN BOOKSTORE in Harlem, the most celebrated African-American owned bookstore in New York City. FIRST VOICES celebrates new authors by showcasing 4-6 authors in a reading held at their store and is followed by a Q & A session.   The reason that this is so important to me is because it will be in HARLEM. Anyone that knows me knows that I am SO Harlem, so the privilege of doing a reading in the same book store that has housed readings for some of the greatest black authors (i.e. Sonia Sanchez, Pearl Cleage, etc.) is paramount for me. My mama took this girl out of Harlem, but Harlem was NEVER out of me…I finally made my way home.   This reading will be held on Saturday, February 13th, 2010 from 2-4pm. It is a perfect afternoon get-a-way right before Valentine’s Day (which is the following day). IT IS THE PERFECT LAST MINUTE GIFT THAT WILL NOT SEEM LAST MINUTE!!!   I am extremely humbled that I was chosen to be the vehicle that the Creator used to funnel ENAMORED through. Every time I read it, I find something in it that eluded even me as the writer.  After a moment in the quiet of these words, I am freer; I am at peace…at one with my raw soul… I have finally stopped listening to the voices out side and listened to the one in my heart, the one that proclaimed “love” was not a dirty word, that it wasn’t a forbidden word; just a forgotten one. It was a word so frequently used out of context that it no longer turned heads, caught breath, made the heart skip its beat. I’d been dreaming love since June 12th of ’09 and scribing it. The result? ENAMORED. It’s time to find love again; the hint is to look wherever you lost it.  Some one once told me “the voices in your head aren’t keeping you behind, they’re waiting for you to catch up!”  I initially thought that was crazy, but now?  Now I know, if I don’t wanna talk to myself, why would anyone else want to?  Thus the writing began and the love would overflow from me and spill through my fingers and stain the pages…a thousand words forming a picture more beautiful than a photograph. I was chosen for it, and I am (to say the least) grateful.   I have a couple of projects in view for the upcoming year. I am in the works to create an ENAMORED notebook to write your own love letters, as well as working on my t-shirt business. February also promises some wonderful things in the way of a poetry rock show I am in entitled POET ROCK. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to follow the link below and get your tickets! There will be some wonderful performers in the house, like Dana Dane and yours truly! There are links on the page at the bottom where you can pay for your tickets on Pay Pal, I also have tickets myself. They are only $15.00 and I promise you will walk away having seen a dynamic show!   I also want you to send out this email to others, and go to and sign up on my email list and join my fan page.  It will keep you updated and I will have free give aways and various other things!   Well people, that’s what’s up for February…keep your eyes open for March…in the words of Nettie…”Look for me just over the horizon!”     Love & Light,   Renée Michele (Mother Metaphor)   
Hue-Man Book Store New York, NY Sat Feb 13 10 02:00 PM Tickets
PoetRock at the Production Lounge New York, NY Tue Feb 23 10 07:00 PM Tickets
Cave Canem, Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY Mon Mar 01 10 06:30 PM Tickets
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