The Language In the Living Room

After close to 2 years on the air, we are elevating.  I have given classes on air, homework, grant information as well as invaluable critique.  So many of you have developed books, released CDs performed on shows as the confidence within your own work has increased.  Now I’d like the world to know what you’ve been doing.

June 2010, I will release an anthology entitled: “The Language of the Living Room.”  The Book/CD compilation will include the works of poets/spoken words artist that have had any interaction with The Living Room.  All entries should be submitted by 4/30/10 at 12 midnight, EST.  Entries will be notified by 5/15/10 if you have been selected for publication.  There is a $10 entrance fee for up to three poems in written form (should not exceed 20 lines each) and $15 for audio entries (which should be submitted in MP3 format). If you wish to submit for both audio and print, the cost is $25.00.

Both your entries and fees can be paid to:

Submission Fees
Written Submission $10.00
Audio Submission $15.00
Written & Audio Submission $25.00


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