Just Past the Universe…


There is some place where we make sense.  Some place where the reality is an illusion, and all the things now invisible to others is now visible…outside of our hearts.  In this parallel universe, you are loving me outside of the wall you have created to shield yourself…you are no longer afraid; you are bold in your actions…as bold as your heart has been in the secret of this place.

I know joy.  It courses through my veins.  I am stronger, because in this universe, light years away from the delusion of pain, you are unafraid to wrap your arms around me…you allow me a respite in joy…in peace…in love.

I truly believe time to be moved along by our common belief in it.  There is a place, existing now where we are joy.  There is a moment existing where we are happy.  As of now my love, I am trapped here in this parallel place; waiting to love you…


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