Heart Strings…


This has not gotten any easier.  Love never promised us anything.  That it would show up, show us a good time, come dressed as we anticipate.  Love is a pleasant and sometimes scary surprise.  Could this really be the gift that the universe has given…me?

Ever looked into someone’s eyes and truly saw yourself for the first time?  Like the gates to heaven was made with their smile in mind?


Love is the sound emitted from the heart’s strings.  It is the most joyous, the most moving, the most serene of sounds.  Heavy enough to cause the spilling of tears the most silent that it avoids the common ear…the common heart.


How do I say the words?  Make them tender enough for you to ingest?  Let them nourish the dormant places within you, heal the broken places?  Being near you is healing for me.  You have become my joy, simply because you are you.  You’re more than I ever imagined for myself.  The one person that could help me tear down the walls I never knew I built.  I am no longer interested in how I got here, but how I’d leave here…


You have become a great many thing for me…my wine, the very thing by which I intoxicate myself nightly on the thought of you.


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