Loving You Is Easy Cause Your Beautiful…


Some of the things I transcribe here could easily offend.  Some woman, in defense of their own womb-manhood will protest what may seem my passiveness, my blind love.  That’s fine.  We all need to find our reality.  I found mine in him.  He looked upon me, in that broken way he has, and I swear my spirit opened.  Who knew I’d find my greatest treasure in the things that others threw away?

What has been done to you?  How can I heal what’s broken?  Will you let me?  I have missed you from my life…

I know it.  All the things that I have missed…the light from your eyes…the way they dance when you see me (you don’t hide that well!).  I have allowed the past interactions, indiscretions to bear their true names…infatuation, enamored, lust, obsession…I met you and I knew…there was no way that I could ever have loved before this – nothing compares to this.

I get ahead of myself sometimes.  I see things before they happen.  Catch the scent of love off of clothes; ingest joy overflowing from eyes…hear peace beating in time with a happy heart.  Humans in their frailty believe that one must get ready for love.  They believe there is some point where we prepare for the inevitable goodness that we are all destined for. 

Maybe in a parallel universe somewhere I believed this…then we found one another.  On a lonely highway, at the intersection of destiny…we careened into one another.  I am finding bits of myself in the wreckage…there are memories all over the road as a result.  Some needed to die to love, to us.  We, you and me are this mangaled mess of emotions and we hardly recognize one another.  A beautiful accident with definate purpose…we were meant to heal one another my King.  God told me that you had my wings, and my love – I intend to fly…


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