A Response from Depression

(Pictures Found off the net)
(Pictures Found off the net)

Dearest Renee:

     It does not matter how many words you wield declaring the end of our union.  You and I both know the truth.  You have been seeing me behind closed doors when no one is around.  I have been whispering in your ear; I have been curling up with you in that fetal position, kissing you into morning.  Your body aches with the desire to clean.  I creep in the clutter, awaiting the feeling you can’t get away from, the hopelessness that whispers “you can’t do this alone” then wraps you back up in the womb of self loathing and shame.

How did you think it was possible?  Leaving behind what we dared to share beyond the world?  I will admit, you had me fooled, with all that empowerment talk about “finding yourself” and “embracing happiness” behind my back, but I guess I should have known better.  Happiness is monogamous.  He doesn’t have a single idea on how to keep more than one woman, so it would only be a matter of time before he would leave you to dress someone in the temporary cloak of “happiness”.

He doesn’t know how to handle you; how to fold himself into the folds of your lonely and cover the holes.  He uses the same words, the same script he has been giving the women in his life for years.  Yes my love, his ordinary love will not ease your extraordinary pain.  I know you…better than you have known yourself.  We will always know , always love one another  you can’t escape it, us.

I will always be here, always in the background…the only man who will never leave you…



One thought on “A Response from Depression

  1. Hi there Mother Metaphor –

    I’ve been listening to you on BTR. I’m inspired by you. And definitely motivated…I listened to you read to the Dear John letter to Depression and the response from Depression was absolutely amazing.

    It reminds me of some writing I did in my journal a couple of years ago when my inner child had conversations with the adult me.

    Excellent work! Next weekend I plan to call in and share something a few shows on BTR, yours included. 🙂 I need to step out of my box when it comes to sharing my poetry.

    Blessings to you and thanks for the inspiration and sharing your words and experiences.

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