There is Womb for You…

You are the miracle I have prayed for.  There have been mornings that I awoke with this in my heart and nights when I went to sleep to tears.  How could one wombman be so empty, compromised?  All the things I could do…create, but for over 10 years – I could not create you…


I went through my existence, bitter.  God knows I was bitter until my insides were numb from not being able to taste change…and then, sweet…



You are inside of me…growing, existing…real.  I had grown tired, my insides aging rapidly.  I wonder if you are thinking yet?  Are there thoughts in your mind?  Did you choose me while you were yet in some parallel universe?


I have been afraid to speak to you…  Are you here?  I am anxiously awaiting your arrival…






One thought on “There is Womb for You…

  1. I’m so happy for you!!! Miracles do happen. Enjoy giving light to this new life. Congratulations and love from all of us. Gill

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