Heart’s Freedom (Thanks 4 the title SeXXXi)

“I’ve got a golden ticket!” my heart shouted.  I have finally allowed her out to feel the sunshine.  She is skipping like a 4 year old in a meadow.  I have been afraid to put her down.  There are all sort of things lurking in the grass, and the last time I put her down she got dirty.  It took a while to clean the animosity filth from her pretty surface, and truth be told, I was apprehensive about letting her out and putting her down. 


Contrary to popular belief, it takes a village to raise a heart.  She of the sensitive mind (she is oh so sensitive) and without her purity and upbeat manner, I feel devoid of my spirit.  I am enjoying the sunshine now, how it has illuminated her dark areas and made her beat with happiness.  I have been her keeper for some time now, but I now know that  has changed. 

He came quite suddenly.  He walked right up to me and loosened the grip that I had on my heart.  He didn’t just pull it from me, but he was a piped piper of sorts; he lulled my raging spirit until I was calm enough to release her.  I had been suffocating her for years.  He picked her up with a playfulness, tickled her insides.  He was much stronger than I was.  He knew that she was strong enough to handle the freedom that comes with giving my heart unrestricted love…


One thought on “Heart’s Freedom (Thanks 4 the title SeXXXi)

  1. What a wonderful way to describe (if I understand this correctly) a man coming along and releasing the bondage that you have held onto so tightly around your heart.

    ~Best Wishes~

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