Who I Have Become…

Peaceful, wonderful, powerful, spiritual…

I don’t think I could have used these words before.  They felt foreign in my mouth sloshing around on my tongue.  Defeat roamed the corridors of my mind and I couldn’t see any of these things.  But now, I do. 

He looked down at me and I saw a peace within his eyes that spelled joy.  I saw my dreams split and bring forth more dreams, I could finally visualize myself in the places and doing the things I often dreamed about.   My blurred vision had been corrected; he has been teaching me to concentrate on the things the equate happiness…like love… 

“You’re going to be a very accomplished and successful woman.  I want to be sure you get there.”  I smile knowingly.  His arms will be the route I take; walking confidently the path to hope, to health & love…


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