Early Morning Call…

The phone hums it celestial ring tone.  Techno child that I am, I have purchased a phone that announces the name of my callers. 

“Call from..” sails through the air.  I look at the the clock.  It is 5:52am…and I am the first thing on his mind.

“Good Morning” he says to me in that regal sort of way he has.  “I miss you” he says before I can respond.  I smile and stretch into morning love.

“I miss you too, baby.”  So this is love, huh?  Early morning calls before surgery.  Late night calls before retiring to evening slumber.  I want this…I want this for the rest of this existence.  He has told me that I will have it.

I run my hands across the sheets.  I catch the scent of our lovemaking, and I confess that I love it.  In a dream state that spans the universe I am lulled by the rhythm of his voice.  The satin like feel of his love and I am at one with the Universe, the World, With God…

My time is now…


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