The Doctor Is In…

Morning was meant to be like this…awaking to kisses in kind places, places that you once believed to be cold and desolate.  It is a surreal feeling; a feeling you’d chased your entire life – only to find it when you stopped chasing behind it. 

He kisses my eye lids, caresses my breast and I feel protected.  His “dance” is different, and therefore, uncommon.  The intensity of his stare, the way it penetrates my soul and cradles it -from the inside out is pure magic. 

“You are beautiful” he says…and I believe him.  I can feel the honesty in his words by the way he touches me.  My soul is singing.  I lift my frame at 4am to assist him in his departure.  More surgeries to do, I know without his verbal confirmation.  During the past evening he inquires what I am thinking.  I smile and just respond that “I cannot remember happy ever feeling so good.” 

What I am really thinking is what a wonderful physician he must be and how accomplished he has been at fixing my broken heart.


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