Twister Wind…

I was walking on my journey when the winds changed.  There was no warning, no hint, it just enveloped me.  What was that procedure again?  In case of a twister?  I bent down, head between my knees, looking for shelter, but it was not to be found.  I was exposed, on open land.  Damn it…

Love is like that.  He blew the horn, I flipped him a dirty look and continued on my journey…who knew that 1st interaction could change both of our lives?  Just like that – Twister Wind…

It is sudden and unscrupulous, pulling up all in it’s path.  It can move an object into crazy contortions being that it is the strongest force known to man (or maybe unknown).  It is love. 

He humbled me with his pursuit, leaving his car unlocked, windows down, just to track down my affections, as a result I stumbled.  Who ever could know that love, who once a time ago had been elusive had been biding its time and tracking me all along? 

He with his beguiling smile and manner.  In a moment the “winds of change” changed everything…
He ran toward me and I knew him…

5 hopes and 2 dreams ago, he lay patiently waiting between Pride & Prejudice and Waiting to Exhale.  He was just a prayer then, written in a moment of vulnerability.  My perpetual hope, existing between the pages of a cloth journal.  I knew him, he was familiar – a written  de  ja vu waiting eagerly to replay its self in the flesh. 

Can you ever truly be ready?  Wanting love until you’re hit with its gale force winds – neither of us ready for that…how completely everything changed.  The air was hot, still & ferocious all at once.  How does one avoid the onslaught of love?  He was far less resistant.  He became one with the wind – blew me out of my pain. 

“I know you” he began softly, persistent stare, fearless manner.  “You are my wife, my light.”  I swallow hard.  A failed attempt to moisten my now parched throat.  It is useless – my response eludes me. 

He tells me his resume, personal & professional with a beautiful clumsiness.  “I cannot dance.” he says.  “I have no rhythm.  Can you dance?”  My lips move before my thoughts and I confirm that I am not musically challenged.  I am beside myself within his presence; totally enamoured by this “Harlequin” display of affection. 

“I need you” he says to me.  I am ready to turn, to run, but the twister moves me according to its own will.  

Once, not so long ago I vowed I’d never fall in love again.  I must say it, I haven’t – I am flying…


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