Quiet as It’s Kept…

There is an existence  parallel to our own…

I cannot explain it; I am not sure that I want to.  Expressing it outside of my heart would usurp the energy that is him.  It would take away from the light.  To be quite honest, of all the things I would whole heartily give up, this feeling, this elation is not one of them.  I stood beneath him, breathed in air that he exhaled, the salty smell of his skin, the intensity of his stare and I knew that there had never been a time when I was made love to so completely, physical or otherwise.

He has told me to get sized for my ring.  My left ring finger is singing in psalms of thanksgiving.  She is cold and longs for a platinum over coat.  He lifts my face to his for the third time this evening.  I am somewhere between the clouds and the glory often preached about in Pentecostal Churches on Sunday mornings.  My heart is turning over pews…speaking in tongues as the spirit of love gives it utterance.  No more fighting…no more struggling…no more hurting. 

I am in a different place right now.  A man I hoped to have, to love and cherish was so evasive, and the one I NEVER dreamed of answered the steady call…


Thank you God… 


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