He Moves Me

He may or may not know this, but he is the possessor of happy.  Even in the midst of his sadness, he still manages to infect me with happy.  This happy infects every orifice; like sand on the beach – I am around him and he infects my everywhere…my God…

I am desperately trying to keep these feelings quiet, but I know it must be steaming out of my of pores.  I can feel it seeping from my eye ducts; that nervous energy that emits from one that holds it constantly and does not know how to categorize it.  Why do I have to label it?  He is this wonderful energy that surrounds me.  I submit my request to the Universe now…I never want to lose this feeling, I’d like to share that with him for the rest of this existence…


One thought on “He Moves Me

  1. girl i knew you was a epic poet, but dam a supermodel too… leave some thing for the rest of us folks to do.
    sis you look and sound great, i wonder what it feels like to be multi talanted

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